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About Aroma Earth

Aroma Earth Cleaning was founded and based on the ability to perceive the relationship between oneself and one’s environment. Over the last 20 years, there has been a steady progression and awareness of how we care for ourselves and our planet. This holistic approach to life has us concerned about what we eat to how we relax and unwind. Every action we take impacts the world. Green Cleaning is all about reducing risk and making a choice. Even the smallest step makes a big difference.

One can only go so far before you feel the effects from negative or toxic substances that can cause harm to plants, animals, humans and ecosystems. Years of exposure to thousands of chemicals has led to changes in the human body that show up as increased cancer rates, childhood development issues, asthma and upper respiratory ailments and more. The effect on our planet has been felt through the depletion of natural resources, pollution of our air, water and soil, increases in CO2 emissions, the threat global warming, disposal problems of waste and trash and irreversible changes to our environment.

Aroma Earth Cleaning only uses the best in eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques. We provide superior cleaning and service at competitive prices, while using products that have the least possible negative impact on the local environment. The staff is educated on Green Cleaning philosophy and environmental practices. They also go through a rigorous training program focusing on detailed cleaning methods and guidelines. Each team member is chosen for their passion to make a difference and are detailed orientated people who love to clean. They view cleaning as a skill that brings immediate results and helps to enhance the lives of each client.

Our Mission

The Aroma Earth’s mission is to educate and enhance the lives of the people of Tampa by providing the conscious choice in cleaning services. Specializing in eco-friendly practices we are making a difference for each home or office, family and the planet.

We are passionate about helping to educate and inform our clients so that the choices they make are conscious choices. Consciousness denotes being awake and responsive to one’s environment – if one knows the result of their choice and has an alternative the choice is clear.

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Our service area in Tampa runs from Hillborough County and beyond.

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