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Go Green in the Kitchen

If you want to live in a green house, you should not only focus on one part of your house like your bedroom or living room. You should also focus on the kitchen because it is the most important place at home. It is where you make food from scratch, dine with your family, and practically spend your meals at. The kitchen should be clean, fresh, and organized because dirty insects can thrive in a filthy kitchen. Therefore, having a green kitchen is a must.

Wood is one of the most eco-friendly products that carpenters and equipment makers could ever use because it has an abundant supply in almost every place, cheap, and mold resistant. Change your chopping boards from plastics to wood and go for wooden cupboards as well. Wooden materials placed in the kitchen add more oomph to the place. It also makes the area look more natural and more presentable.

Cover your pot when you need to boil or to put your cooking into simmer. Trapping the heat inside the pot would make the process faster without taking up too much energy from your tank. Another tip is to cook enough for the next meal. While cooking enough for one meal used to be the most common tip, having leftovers for the next meal would practically help lower electric bills and amount of time spent for cooking. Leftovers need less heat to cook and ample time is not needed for the preparation since it’s already cooked.

Use eco-friendly soaps and cleaners. There are numerous cleaners and detergents in the market that are made of non-toxic components. These are easy on land and water, so you won’t have to feel guilty every time you use it. Such products are cheaper, too. Conversely, you can always create your own kitchen cleaning formula that’s made of natural ingredients like vinegar, ammonia, lemon, and the likes. You can also search online for more natural kitchen cleaning ingredients and processes.

For your wastes, let’s start with your used water or gray water. Avoid throwing it into the sink. Toss it into your garden and yard if you have plants around. These can surely make such life forms happier and more beneficial as gray water contains phosphorus, grease, and a little bit of just about any ingredient that plants need to survive.  For your solid wastes, create a compost pit and place it there. The pit can be of help in the future when you need to create a garden bed for your plants.

These easy and simple tips in going green in the kitchen are useful wherever you may live on planet Earth. All of us can also do these, so let’s act together to help protect our planet and to keep our body healthy as well.

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